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Mitsubishi: A New SUV in Asia



Mitsubishi recently announced that it is preparing to launch a new SUV for the Asian market in early autumn.


For now, we know that this new vehicle will be unveiled in Indonesia on August 10th. Although nothing official has been announced on this subject, several rumors suggest that it could make its way to North America.


Another SUV


Let's just say we know very little about the model, except that it will be slightly larger than the RVR since it is a compact model. In fact, according to all likelihood, the model could offer a similar format to that of the Eclipse Cross.


This new SUV will feature a plethora of innovations, including a new driving mode specially designed for wet terrains. According to Mitsubishi, the goal here is to offer a "safe, comfortable, and worry-free" vehicle. The other driving modes will allow dealing with mud and gravel in addition to the "normal" driving mode.


Mitsubishi also announces a ground clearance of 222 millimeters, which is quite impressive for the category. This leads us to believe that this new SUV will have phenomenal off-road capabilities. Who knows, perhaps Mitsubishi is on the verge of unveiling the next competitor to the Ford Bronco or the Jeep Wrangler? Finally, it may not be an equally extreme SUV according to the first images that have been released, but off-road driving will undoubtedly be at the heart of the concept of this new SUV.


A partnership with Yamaha


The surprises don't end there, as this new SUV has been developed in partnership with Yamaha. The company, specializing in music and especially sound quality, has worked on Mitsubishi's new model to optimize its auditory experience. Soundproofing has been perfected so that the audio system reaches its full potential. It seems that the experience on board this new SUV will be comparable to that of a cinema or even a theater.


The first images of the model show an open grille, which means that the brand's new SUV will not necessarily be electric as many believed. Finally, we will have to wait for its grand unveiling on August 10th at the Indonesia International Auto Show to be sure. As for the arrival of the model in North America, we will have to be patient and wait until next spring during the major local auto shows to see if the Japanese manufacturer's SUV is present or not. One thing is for sure, we are particularly eager to learn more about the model.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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